Brighton, Massachusetts.


In 2001, an industrial site in Allston/Brighton, a neighborhood in Boston, was proposed for development.

This area has a rich history dating to the seventeenth century, the community asked a developer to incorporate and honor the history of this site.
Together they worked out a master plan to install a work of art that would give a history and in 2004 I was selected for the commission.

When I began, the area had been developed into an high rise office facility with an entry plaza and parking structure.
Many of the tenants were media related companies, including, WGBH, a local PBS affiliate.
In my design I incorporated symbols of the sites history  into a wind driven animation device, a zoetrope.
Three pylons, 24 feet tall were erected, and eight spinning  wheels, with these images mounted within each wheel.

In its finished form, these giant spinning animation devices create moving silhouettes of steam engines, sailing ships and swimming fish, announcing the sites past and linking it to its present.

BV Development, Brighton, Massachusetts.