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In 2010 I showed studio pieces at Howard Yezerski Gallery in Boston.  I combined the gallery lights with carefully fabricated metal objects—using the same techniques I use in exterior architectural pieces—shadow and light.  These pieces were a first of a what has become a series of dialogues between solid objects and light in the studio.

This series of work began with an exhibition in Denmark in 2000.  LED’s were mounted on an aluminum rail and an image of the LED’s light source was projected onto the gallery wall. The work evolved and was first shown in United States at Yezerski in 2005.

After the show in 2010, I began to realize that I could integrate my various working methods – build pieces that used light in a more dynamic way—where the light became a solid object.

This led to (pardon the pun) LED sketches – small pieces with LEDs embedded in the matrix of the device—the metal—that made the sketch.


Both of the works shown above uses an extremely bright red and white LED’s that do not require much power.
They are both based on the same aluminum armature the difference being the placement of the light source.

By putting the LEDs in a different arrangement  the silhouette becomes dramatic, making the object disappear at first glance.
The effect is like sticking a live can of spray paint onto a sheet of arches had made paper—there is nothing subtle about it.

Above shows how the work looks with the light off.




This work above is from 2000 and used at the time the brightest LEDs available – the projections needed to be in a dark room.
The LEDs used in the  more recent Lite Sketch series are bright enough to work in normal room light, showing how dramatic the light technology has changed in just a few years.

Views of other recent studio light sculptures.



A selection of recent works made in NEON lights.