Emerson College

Commissioned public art projects at Emerson College, Boston, MA.

Little Building facade scaffolding “Text Walk”.

This Scaffold Project at Emerson College is a project completed in summer of 2012  to illuminate and animate a  300 foot long scaffold that surrounds The Little building at Emerson College in downtown Boston.

A video of the completed project “Text Walk” can be seen here.


This video shows the final version of “Text Walk” in 2013 where the text was replaced with images made from film leader strips.


Below are various renderings and tests of the project.




























LED Wall at the Paramount Center at Emerson College

Commissioned in 2012, this project is an animation for the led wall at the new Paramount center.
This LED wall is built in to the window frames of the building.

Currently on view evenings and best viewed from the corner of Essex and Washington street.



Test animations for the LED wall proposal .